Work has commenced on a ‘neuron pod’ science learning centre on Queen Mary University’s Whitechapel Campus.

The free-standing pod is being built next to the popular Centre of Cell Science which involved the public with medical research.

The centre’s director Proffessor Fran Balkwill said: “The Neuron Pod will be a space where people can let their imaginations run riot.”

The 30ft high pod is made of 13 steel sections, which have been arriving in Whitechapel one by one through the Dartford Crossing from Kent.

The biggest piece, the ‘axon’, is expected to arrive by police escort, with construction estimated to complete by the end of the year.

neuron pod

The neuron pod is a replica of what your actual nerve cell looks like, and soon you’ll be able to go inside and look around.

More than 155,000 people have taken part in Centre of the Cell activities since it opened in 2009. The embryo-shaped education centre, its design inspired by images of a nerve cell, was the first in the world to be located in working biomedical research laboratories, suspended above at Queen Mary’s Blizard Institute.

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