London Mayor Saqid Khan has announced plans to build 1,500 new homes around the tunneling site for Crossrail in East London, creating a new neighbourhood in the Limmo Peninsula. This forms part of the wider regeneration plan in the area of Canning Town and Custom House and is part of Khan’s plan to kick-start a solution to London’s housing crisis.

The Limmo Peninsula is the area around the tunneling site for the new Elizabeth Line opening in December 2019. It is positioned next to Canning Town station and Sadiq Khan’s idea for 1,500 new homes forming a neighbourhood is attempting to seize the opportunity of free land.

Tunneling for Crossrail in the Limmo Peninsula - Warehouse K

Tunneling for Crossrail in the Limmo Peninsula – Warehouse K

Khan explains, “The Limmo Peninsula has the capacity to be transformed into a booming new East London neighbourhood…with Elizabeth line works almost complete, I am pleased that Transport for London is now in a position to bring forward this site for development”.

“It is part of my strategy to free up public land and to use it to build the homes that our great city so desperately needs”.

Small projects like this are part of Sadiq Khan’s wider ambition of solving London’s housing crisis, aiming to deliver 65,000 new homes every year.

“It is no secret that it will take many years to fix London’s housing crisis, and we ultimately need government support – but schemes such as this (Limmo Peninsula neighbourhood) prove that we can make a real difference now by delivering high-quality neighbourhoods with a large proportion of genuinely affordable homes.”

The Deputy Mayor for Transport, Val Shawcross, said, “I am pleased that TfL is now bringing this site forward for development”.

“With the Elizabeth line opening soon, there is no doubt that regenerating the Limmo Peninsula for new housing is the best possible outcome.”

This indicates an exciting time for Canning Town and the wider East London area as more and more investment is coming into the area. Huge injections of investment such as Crossrail has led to this regeneration, initiating smaller projects such as the 1,500 new homes in the Limmo Peninsula.

The Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, also added, “This new development in Canning Town is exciting news for Newham and will contribute to the ongoing transformation of the area…the site will deliver much needed affordable homes, create jobs and improve infrastructure.”

“We look forward to working closely with TfL, the Mayor of London and all other partners over the coming months on this development and ensure it benefits our residents.”

The Mayor is currently looking for a partner in order to develop to site to provide more homes. His actions have been praised by the chief executive of British Property Federation with Melanie Leech stating, “working with TfL and capitalising on sites such as this to add to housing supply is critical”.

Limmo Peninsula - Warehouse K

Limmo Peninsula – Warehouse K


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